How the Justice System Affects Prison Overcrowding

How the Justice System Affects Prison Overcrowding


Studies have indicated that the size of prison populations in the U.S. increased radically in the past four decades. The number increased by five times from around 320,000 in 1980 to more than 1.6 million in 2009 (Glaze and Bonczar, 2009). A study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) of the period 2006-2011 observed that overcrowding in prisons increased over the period. The study highlighted that an increase in the number of prisoners corresponded with actions by a tendency by some states to cut their prison populations, lower rates of crime, and cut prison budgets. However, an increase in the population of prisoners still happened. The study further highlighted that, as of September 2011, federal prisons experience a 39 percent over capacity (Gilna, 2014). A  clear consensus that emerges from these studies is that the growth is largely motivated by policy receptiveness instead of criminal behavior, although there is much less agreement regarding particular ways through which a range of sentencing policies passed in the 1980s and 1990s contributed to growth (Gilna, 2014; Glaze and Bonczar, 2009). The specificity with which how justice system policies and sentencing laws affect prison populations is an indicator that justice system policies and decisions may be affecting prison overcrowding. This paper discusses how the justice system affects prison overcrowding.

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Jail-based Education SWOT Analysis of Edovo Platform

About Edovo

Edovo is a secure digital platform that uses digital content to cover a range of educational, vocational, legal and treatment needs of the incarcerated. The company’s unique learn and earn model allows users to be rewarded with access to entertainment while driving consistent engagement in the programming process[1]. Each facility is provided with all it needs to make the system work while the platform can be rented for the very low daily cost. Edovo reduces recidivism as it catalyzes access to education and rehabilitation thus preparing inmates for jobs while improving their well-being[2]. The paper is a review of SWOT analysis as the organization aims to ensure education to the inmates. While the platform offers a digital platform that meets communication, education and rehabilitation needs of the justice involved people, it is a requirement that it carries SWOT analysis to determine the different areas of strength and weaknesses and establish potential areas of opportunity.


Beauty in the Bluest Eyes


In the American society, the notion that light-skinned people are more beautiful than their darker counterparts has existed for centuries. Many believe that the notion might have been heavily influenced by the perception of the Whites toward the Africans and African-Americans during the slavery era. Non-white people during this era were considered and treated as lesser beings due to their skin color. The notions created during this time have since been passed through generations to the modern society. In the story, the author, Toni Morrison, speaks how race and skin color contribute to an individual’s perception of beauty, and how the issue of beauty is a social construct. The author goes further to dissect how beauty is understood in the African American community, and she argues that the continued misconceptions of beauty and ugliness have greatly undermined the socio-economic structure and position of African-Americans in the modern society.  While beauty or ugliness is not dangerous, it is the internalized ideals associated with these factors that influence how people perceive themselves and those around them.

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The Evaluation of a Documentary film

In the recent years, the use of media has become more rampant and acceptable by more people. After a long day, it is refreshing to enjoy the company of your friends as you watch your favorite movie. However, media content is not only used as a form of entertainment but also as a form of education.  The different kinds of the genre in media include; horror, animation, romance, drama or even a documentary.

This paper will expound more on a documentary, outline the benefits and purpose of this film and carefully evaluate the worth of a documentary film in the society. A documentary is a nonfictional film that aims to reveal the reality of life, documentaries have evolved over the years, but the purpose has remained to be the same, to show interesting facts or unusual aspects of life. The topics are also broad and only limited to one’s imagination.

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Information about Kaiser Permanente for the past eight years

Keiser Permanent encompasses the Keiser Foundation Health Plan, Permanente Medical Group in eight regions and Keiser Foundation Hospitals. Keiser Permanente is the biggest health care provision non-profit organization in the United States. Over the years, the organization has undergone subsequent successful developments in its formation due to the constant changes in the competitive healthcare marketplace. Based on this, the healthcare marketplace in the United States has necessitated a close partnership that links healthcare administrators as well as physicians through the support of physician culture.

Fig: Image showing the three entities of Kaiser Permanente Program

The support of has mainly been embarked by the principles of accountability, quality healthcare delivery and efficiency.  An overreaching approach to realizing excellence in the delivery of healthcare predominantly focuses on the realization of high-impact healthcare conditions. It offers goal-oriented tools of analysis for population information. It enhances a proactive identification of patients who require health interventions and upholds support for a systematic process of improving and fostering partnership linking the healthcare professionals and patients as an approach of improving the overall quality of healthcare delivery. Keiser Permanente health partnership has been a central player in all these efforts which entails a complete structure which integrates digital health data record to facilitate delivery of quality care to patients by health professionals.

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The Integration of Muslims into Western Cultures


This research paper seeks to investigate the levels in which Muslim migrants carry their cultures to a new location and the extent to which they incorporate the western cultures. The answer to this question not only has significant political ramifications but also assists people in understanding whether cultural traits are malleable with other cultures or if they are strictly fixed (Norris and Inglehart 231). The acquisition of this knowledge would also assist individuals to understand whether the Islam culture is a personal choice of principles or rather a collective behavior of society. The countries of origin discussed in this research paper are regions with Islam as the dominant culture while the destinations of Muslims are countries that are predominantly composed of Protestant and Roman Catholic believers or non-Muslims. Applying this research framework, the researcher seeks to establish that on average, some fundamental social values of Muslim migrants change and adopt foreign principles after leaving their countries of origin (Bolt et al. 179). Therefore, a majority of Muslims in Western countries do not hold onto fixed attitudes and cultures but are flexible to accommodate a segment of the host country’s culture in accordance to the assimilation theory.

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Capital Punishment


Capital punishment is a government punished a guilty person for a particular offense. Capital punishment is also known as death penalty that is imposed on an individual after committing a severe state offense. Capital punishment is not imposed for any offence committed by a person but significant and state offenses that require execution of the guilty individual. For instance, an individual may be sentenced to death after committing state or capital offenses like murder, treason, war crimes and crimes against humanity, just but to name a few. Such crimes are regarded as major thus giving the court no option but to sentence the individual to murder. A court will convict an individual for death, and the sitting president of the country must sign the execution papers allowing the state to execute the criminal. The fact that the court will sentence an individual to death, it is the sitting president who will only sign for the execution to proceed, it means that if the president does not sign the papers, then the individual may not be executed.

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