Analysis of the Robert Latimer Case. PowerPoint Presentation.

Analysis of the Robert Latimer Case. PowerPoint Presentation (Download)

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Analysis of Financial Statements: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Financial Statement. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

A. Based on the information that you have gathered, explain the changes in financial ratios. Has anything changed in the few years of financial statements that you have obtained?

Yes, from the year 2011 towards the year 2015, a distinct change in performance could be seen especially in terms of determining the sales revenue results presented in the comparative financial statement noted herein. The years 2011 and 2012 shows a relatively higher rate of revenue compared to the preceding years. In accordance to the reports that have been analyzed in relation to the performance of the organization, these changes are affected by two primary points. One is the emergence of other competing pharmaceutical companies which insists on the capacity of other organizations to provide what the public needs [especially in terms of better pricing options]. Continue reading “Analysis of Financial Statements: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.”

Corporate Governance and Financial Risk Reporting in the UK

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1.1 Motivation and Problem Statement

Today, corporate governance has become integral in the business world especially due to the fact that it is largely related to the performance as well as the growth of business firms. Corporate governance is and continues to play a central role when it comes to the success of a company in the current highly competitive business world. Financial risk reporting in the United Kingdom is viewed as a valuable internal control mechanism and as such is crucially highlighted in the UK Corporate Governance Code. Over the past two decades, the concept and practice of corporate governance has gradually become the central focus for academics, managers as well as policy makers. This can be attributed to the increasing concerns over the rising incidences of corporate fraud as well as fraudulent financial reporting leading to corporate scandals and the collapse of major firms. This significant attention given to corporate governance structures and principles in firms indicates that it has a major influence on both the policies and strategies; hence, the eventual performance of these corporations.

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Pros and Cons of Media Use during Toddlerhood

In recent surveys, it is proved that the rate of toddlers using media technology has increased tremendously. In fact, most parents download applications precisely to entertain their children. Although it is not scientifically proved whether there are any health effects; the use of technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some studies have shown that media technology can be utilized as an educational tool. According to Joans Ganz, some of the applications are used to improve the child’s spelling levels (11 Pros and Cons of Children Using Technology, 2015). Also, some of the games played can boost creativity. Hence, the child can increase their knowledge capacity and at the same time have fun doing it. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Media Use during Toddlerhood”