Creative Writing: My Favorite Painting

The painting was painted in Italy. The painting shows a modern woman who is walking alone in the rain with an umbrella from the back. The woman can be said to be modern due to the type of cloths that she is wearing and the type of shoes in her feet. The woman is wearing a bold red dress and black shoes and carrying a white umbrella.  Red dress is a bold statement showing that one is very confident. The lady in the photo seems very confident as she is wearing a figure hugging short red dress with black high-heeled shoes. She certainly knows and understands how to dress her body. The fact that she is not looking back, shows that she is walking away from something and never going back to it.  The woman also appears to be curvy and not afraid to show those curves to the world. She looks like an empowered woman who understands herself and does not require validation from the world. Her face cannot be seen and this gives the person looking at the photo the freedom to imagine anyone in that position. It gives freedom to the people to be more imaginative.

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