Mandated Nursing to Patient Ratio. Research Paper.

Policy Problem

The problem that is under discussion is the possible effect of a mandated nurse to patient ratio systems in the healthcare sector and how such steps can contribute to dealing with preventable medical errors that have always proved to be a problem from time to time in the medical industry (Greenwald et al., 2006). Hospitals and other medical units have made it an objective to reduce the number of cases of patients succumbing to medical errors that could otherwise have to be avoided. Mistakes that are said to be preventable are those errors that occur as a result of lack of paying attention from the nurses or due to their negligences, and the prevention can be achieved through the introduction of mandated nurse to patient ratio.

The paper looks at the historical development of the problem or how the issue came to exist or become an issue in the healthcare sector as well as the extent of the effects that have resulted since it ensued. Mandatory nurse to patient ratio implementation requires funding from different sources and the paper also looks at such sources of funds that are used to ensure the objective of mandated nurse to patient ratio process is achieved. Another aspect that is considered regarding the need for a mandatory nurse to patient ratio is the background of the issue on the grounds of the social factors that are influencing it, the economic factors as well as the legal and political factors. The issue statement regarding mandating nurse to patient ratio is also addressed as well as the policy alternatives that are in place to cover for possible inefficiencies in the system, and the various stakeholders in the entire subject. Continue reading “Mandated Nursing to Patient Ratio. Research Paper.”


Postmodernism Literature

The term postmodernism is used differently in different areas. Postmodern literature may refer to the trends of writing that emerged after the Second World War. Also, postmodern literature involves literature that relies on several techniques of narratives such as paradox, fragmentation, and the undependable narrator. Mostly, postmodernism literature tries to address issues related to the assertive following of enlightenment thinking and other approaches to literature such as modernist literature. Although postmodern literature cannot be easily defined, there are however some features that can be used to identify it in writing. For instance, a postmodern author will try to avoid the quest or the meaning of writing a certain piece of work, a thing which modernist literature usually presents. Also, the postmodern author shows this search as in some parody.

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