Good Teamwork Is Critical To Developing Good Quality Software Systems

The human effort is a core as well as critical concern for both the success and failure of the development of the information system. The execution of tasks involved in the development of the software is dependent primarily on the human effort (Fui-Hoon, Lee-Shang, and Kuang 2001). If the task small enough and can be handless by a single individual, then it is needless and uneconomical to engage in a team for such a goal to get accomplished. However, the increase in the scope of a task calls for means that a sole individual is not capable of performing the whole task to its completion (Faraj and Sproull 2000). Therefore it is true that every software developments completes it task efficiently and effectively by the help of a team.

A team refers to a small number of individuals possessing complementary skills and have a commitment towards a common purpose, a set of performance goals, and the approach in which they deem themselves mutually accountable(Chow and Cao 2008). There are four common types of teams classified as work teams, project teams, parallel teams, and the project management teams. The work teams comprise of members who are responsible for the development of products or services. Parallel teams encompass individuals from the different positions that come together to perform roles that a regular organization is unable to perform. This team is therefore purposed for problem-solving as well as improvement activities. Project teams are meant for producing a one-time output. Lastly, the project management teams are responsible for an overall performance of any given project. Software development teams, therefore, falls within the work teams(Faraj and Sproull 2000).




Interactive multimedia system


Interactive multimedia combines both storage and the retrieval capabilities of the computer database technology together with various advanced tools to enable viewing and the manipulation of these particular materials. Interactive multimedia systems comprise of a package of materials which constitutes of the combination of texts, still images, video, audio, and graphics. These particular materials are usually packaged, linked together, and integrated in such a way that enables users to browse and analyze these materials as well as navigating through them because they can conduct the different searching and indexing features. Also, the users are offered the capacity of personalizing of annotating these particular materials. The interactive multimedia is usually reader-centered. It enables the reader to control his/her experience of reading material through being in a position to select among a wide range of choices, picking on unique paths and the sequences via the materials. Therefore, the key feature of these systems is its ability to navigate via material in many ways which are a very useful trait to all its users.





According to Jin et al. (2013), waiting time for GP services in hospitals has been a major difficulty to the delivery of quality healthcare in the United Kingdom. The government policies focused on reducing the waiting time in the previous decades, yet it has remained the long routing for hospital procedures. One of the major objectives of the UK government became implementing policy reform to reduce GP waiting time (p. 2191).


As the population increases, the public outpatient services face a challenge of delivering services to patients in time. There is an increasing demand for General Practice services, both primary care and GPs since the baby generation are moving to develop at a high rate. On the other hand, medical resources like medical facilities and doctors are not expanding at the required rate to accommodate the increase in demand. The result is an overflow of hospitals with patients in needs of services. It follows that healthcare providers and hospitals must use the available General practitioners but rely on an improved flow control as well as a better capacity apportionment to reduce the adverse effect of patient long waiting time in GP (Jin et al., 2013, p. 2193).


This simulation project develops the current situation in the Carters Green Medical Centre GP in the United Kingdom regarding the arrival time and the time of completion of services. The GP in this facility are facing delays in waiting time. After the modeling, there should be a reduction in the time spent as waiting and service time. Many other variables in the healthcare management system affect the patient waiting time, which includes the availability of resources at the GP center. This simulation chooses factors that are controllable and implementing the control system to register a reduced waiting time in GP. Variables like the growth of resources are a difficulty of corporate planning, which the company has to try to beat the problem without relying on resource increase (Mandahawi et al., 2010, p. 94) The conclusions drawn from the simulation are meant to reduce the problem of waiting time in GP.

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Vampires: The untold story

Vampires: The untold story

The tales of vampires, wolves and creatures of the night have been told from one generation to another. They are thrilling and interesting to listen to and they beg the question of whether or not these creatures do exist after all. One can easily dismiss their existence due to the fact that they might not have encountered one and that these creatures seem to exist in films and books only. One would be right to think this way; to have an opinion that is logical and based on the experience they have had in their lives, after all, if they were real, what would be the chances of meeting one anyway? This paper looks at one of the most interesting vampire stories in the book Penguin Book of Vampire Stories by Alan Ryan called Dracula’s Guest. The reason behind choosing this book for my paper is the fact that I would like to explore the nature of vampires and clearly bring out their seductive ways of luring in their victims as seen through the eyes of the protagonist; Jonathan Harker. I will also go ahead and explore the impacts of a vampire in a given society, how they influence people around them either positively or negatively. In addition, I will ensure that the reader of this paper understands not only the context of the story itself but also the style utilized by the author of the story in order to bring out the characters, theme and build ideas around power, sex, family and love.

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Individual Communication Plan

Individual Communication Plan

Purpose of the communication Plan

M&S has two goals in its promoting correspondences battle. It attempts to demonstrate that its items have been described and separated from the competitors’ items by its high caliber, polished, and extraordinary esteem.  The company also attempts to remind the view of purchasers as far as quality and design (Mark and Spencer, 2013).

Target Audience

Target gathering of people: M&S has concentrated on elegant guys and females from various ages who have enough cash to spend on the stylish dress and need to upgrade their social picture between their associate.

Channels of communication

Toward the end each season from every year, M&S does promoting correspondences campaign. The company propels showcasing interchanges battle and utilized the publicizing (TV, silver screen and the web) as basic special apparatus.

The advertisement, which is called Christmas Belles, will be made by the promoting office will be executed by a gathering of models.


The message will be Quality worth each penny. The company will also attempt to tell its intended interest groups that it has developed its popularity in regard of value since 1940 by building up strict criteria. At the end of the day, it has improved authentic characteristics of value.

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Human sexual behavior and young adulthood

Annotated Bibliography

  1. Coley, Medeiros, and Schindler (2008) explicitly examined the consequences of risky human sexual behavior and young adulthood. The authors found a highly significant relationship between risky sexual behavior during mid adolescence (from ages 14 to 16) and risky sexual behavior during late adolescence (from ages 15 to 19), suggesting that there is

some stability in risky sexual behavior over time. Specifically, they found that controlling for early drug use, that having unprotected sex during adolescence (when respondents were

on average 14 years old) predicted drug use during late adolescence/young adulthood

(when respondents were on average 19 years old).

  1. Coker, Richter, Valois, McKeown, Garrison, and Vincent (2004) found evidence that early sexual behavior was associated with a greater lifetime number of sexual partners, a lower likelihood of using a condom during their last sexual encounter, a higher likelihood of becoming pregnant or impregnating a partner as a teenager, and, for girls, a higher incidence of STDs. The authors concluded that the link between early and risky sexual behavior is logical. Youth who engage in early sexual behavior are less experienced and less mature than youth who wait until later adolescence to initiate sexual behavior, thus they are less aware of the physical and emotional risks associated with sexual intercourse. In turn, if they are unaware of the potential consequences of engaging in sexual intercourse, they will be less likely to protect themselves from STDs by using condoms or to see the danger in having multiple partners or having sexual intercourse while using substances like alcohol or marijuana (Coker, et al., 2004).

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PEST Analysis of Apple

The following is an analysis of the external environment of Apple Inc focusing on the political, economic, social and technological factors affecting its operations.

Political Analysis

Apple does not only supply its products around the globe, but it is highly dependent on countries that offer low-cost manufacturing like China. Political unrest and social issues are usually responsible for changing market structures. It may specifically lead to increase in production costs in China affecting Apple’s costs of operation. Political unrest in the United States, where Apple Inc. is based, has been on the rise with calls to cut Chinese imports in a bid to grow American manufacturing industry.

Economic Analysis

Apple is known for its production of higher-end consumer goods to mean the company may be impacted negatively especially now that middle-income earners in the United States and the world across are stagnant. Financial stagnation from users end will make them consider cheaper options to cope with the situation.

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