Answering five questions

Question 1

The group reinvented themselves by using the progressionist approach that included the reasonable, modest and very restrained style of attacking the Jim Crow to petition slowly but carefully the white supremacist to concede. They did not challenge the system but instead advocated for better facilities for the black community. The second way the group worked to overturn the Jim Crow was through progressive economic empowerment and the uniting of the Creoles and the Black Americans to form one strong group to advocate for their rights and overturn the Jim Crow[1].

Question 3

The end of the Civil War provided the platform for the federal government to rethink its stand on slavery and the social status of the black community. The end of the war opened the avenues for 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the constitutions where the gains of the Radical Reconstructions gained traction. The changes allowed men of all colors and races to enlist as delegates and participate in elections.

Question 5

The 1877 compromise of the presidential elections results was great to the freedom and rights of the slaves because it effectively ended Reconstruction that had brought about democracy in the south and given the Black Americans social and political rights. The South did not like the fact that Reconstruction was giving more powers to slave to gain political leverage against them and thus the 1877 compromise reversed the gains on rights the slaves were starting to enjoy.



Surface Map Analysis

This map surface analysis will condense all numbers describing the current weather of the location in the diagram. Our analysis will be based on wind direction, wind speed, pressure, current weather, temperature and dew point of all the marked stations.

Cyclones and fronts move at a uniform velocity over a short interval of time of few hours. This is to say that cyclones and fronts exhibit time continuity. For instance, in case a knot has been propagating at 40 knots for the last 3 hours, it will likely continue to propagate in approximately the same direction with roughly the same speed over the next three hours. We realize that fronts also have the same behavior. In this case, cold fronts move to the east or southeast; lows tend to move to the northeast and warm fronts to the north or northeast.


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Effects of Cyber Bullying On Psychosocial Development in Adolescence


Human lifespan development explores the emotional, perceptual, intellectual, social, cognitive and physical growth of an individual. About this, cyberbullying affects the development n of children in a negative way. The purpose of this research is to explore the effects of cyber bullying on adolescent’s psychosocial development. The research will involve evaluating three different research papers conducted on the topic to evaluate the impact of cyberbullying on human lifespan development. The results indicate that cyber bullying retards the social development of adolescents.


Cyber bullying has been on the increase over the previous years. As the technology and the use of the internet increases, the threat of cyberbullying also increases. Apparently, most of the victims of cyber bullying are young people within the adolescent age. This paper will approach the issue cyberbullying from the perspective of Freud’s theory of psychosexual development. The theory explains the way personality is developed during childhood. According to the theory, personality develops through a series of stages of childhood in which the child develops pleasure-seeking energies in erogenous areas.

Article 1


The purpose of the study by Cappadocia et al. (2013) is to examine the trends in cyberbullying and cyber victimization over one year period of adolescence. It evaluates the issue alongside with contextual factors and associated individuals. The research associated cyberbullying with antisocial behaviors, prosocial peer influence, grade level, levels of depression, as well as taking part in real-life victimization.

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