Starbucks Competitive Strategy

Starbucks Competitive Strategy

Different from traditional means of conducting business, currently the organizations have to keep up with time. Business operations keep on changing from time to time. By keeping up with modernization, organizations have to adopt strategies. A strategy has a definition of a long-term scope of an organization which dictates the direction of an enterprise by considering the available resources and level of competence. The work of coming up with strategies firmly falls into the hands of any corporation’s administration.  Porter’s five forces model acts as a checklist when adopting various policies.  The model incorporates a thorough understanding of an external business environment which involves rivalry with the competitors, bargaining power of the suppliers, bargaining power of competitors, the threat of new entry to the market, and the threat of substitute products. The study, therefore, takes a more profound outlook on the Starbucks, coffee retailer.

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Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory and Application

The Self-Care Deficit Theory is a grand nursing theory proffered by Dorothea Orem was developed as a result of her goal of enhancing the quality of nursing in various hospitals at the state level. The paradigm interrelates a panoply of concepts in a manner that produces an alternative way of looking and examining certain phenomena. Although the theory is quite simple, it can be generalized to apply to a broad array of patients (Younas, 2017). The major presuppositions of this grand theory include that individuals should be self-reliant and responsible for their own care in addition to other family members who need care; people are all unique individuals; nursing is perceived as a form of action, as it consists of an interaction between several individuals; it is imperative that a person has knowledge about possible health problems to promote self-care behaviors; and dependent care and self-care are behaviors that people learn within a social and cultural context (Younas, 2017). This theory is thus made up of three interrelated parts: the theory of self-care deficit, the theory of nursing system, and the theory of self-care.

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Hamlet (Analysis of Hamlet’s Character)

What aspects of Hamlet’s character are admirable?

The fact that Hamlet had the best interests of his country and heart to fight for his beliefs made Hamlet admirable. Hamlet has the morals of the other people around him that include his people, her mother and the death of his father the former king. Hamlet was one of the most thoughtful people in the play, and Shakespeare portrays him as one of the best characters to portray the train in the entire literature world. Hamlet becomes tactical about the ghosts intention towards the revenge and proof king Claudius had poisoned his father thus puts his thoughts to practice whereby he takes time to learn more about the situation and the best way to revenge without selling his soul to the devil.

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Le Glam Gallery

Talin Shadmany is the mastermind behind Le Glam Gallery, an online boutique which exhibits alluring designs for the fashionable woman. Talin’s sense of style developed as she got to have fun with fashion during her upbringing since her mother has been in the fashion industry for 40 years. With Talin Shadmany’s desire for fashion and style, a mere idea developed into something that stylish women could relate to; Le Glam Gallery. The fashion industry has been her arena especially now in her 30s whereby she articulates her passion for everything chic and glamorous appealingly through Le Glam Gallery. Talin Shadmany’s, a couture and style icon shares her unique and classy style with the fashionable woman through Le Glam Gallery.

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Response to Discussion Questions

How would the Code Apply to the Stanford Prison Simulation?

Philip Zimbardo developed and maintained a website for the Stanford prison experiment and linked it to a variety of contemporary issues like the discrimination and the abuse of prisoners during the American military activities in Iraq. It is worth noting that the simulation exercise was real and the guards were abusive and cruel to the prisoners. The core objective of the Academy of CJS is to ensure ethical considerations at all levels. It plays a vital role in suggesting the ethical standards that are specific to various situations. Moreover, it includes different procedures and policies that are intended to enhance and facilitate moral conducts. While reading the prison simulation, the first issue that was essential was the participants’ consent. Based on the Academy of the CJS, research participants need to have information about the research. Such information may have significant impacts on their willingness and desire to participate in the research. As the Stanford simulation began, the participants signed a consent form, and this enabled them to obtain the simulation’s details. The simulation was primarily aimed at studying the psychological effects of the prisoners and the prison guards (“Stanford Prison Experiment | Simply Psychology,” 2018). Based on the study, the correctional officers showed cruelty and hostility to the inmates. Notably, the brutal and hostile behavior of the correctional officers affected the inmates psychologically and physically. The code of ethics outlined by the academy is applicable in all the professions. With the core objective of ensuring that the prison’s activities are ethical, Stanford prison should follow and adhere to the codes of ethics outlined by the academy. It is worth mentioning that the adoption of the academy’s ethical code by the Stanford prison will be important in ensuring that no anti-human activities occur within the prison. Significantly, the adoption of the code will help the prison to reduce their cruelty and hostility towards the prisoners.

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Revolutionary America

Philosophy of the Declaration of Independence

The American struggle for independence from the British Rule involved a long and protracted war. A total of thirteen states began the war and took it all the way to the beginning of July 1776 when the Declaration of Independence document was drafted. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the document that granted America independence under the philosophy of freedom for all human beings. In the words embodied in the declaration, Jefferson and team reminded the world that all humans were created equal and this granted them rights to live autonomously; not subjected to any form of control by others. The document inspired the spirit of nationalism and self-realization among all Americans, finally triggering a revolutionary mindset among all citizens. The ripple effect of the revolution spread through the American states later, leading to total independence of all states.

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Short Answer Essay Questions

  1. Describe the process of perception as a series of steps, beginning with the environmental stimulus and culminating in the behavioral responses of perceiving, recognizing, and acting.

The perceptual process is a process that happens in seven steps. Though, as much as the processes are expected to happen in an orderly manner, they do happen concurrently or in a reverse manner.  However, being that there are five parts of the process including stimuli, transduction, neural processing and behavioral, in stimuli, environmental stimulus is the first step amongst the seven steps in the perceptual process. And most of the times, this step is always described by giving an example of a tree that one may observe.

In step two, transformation or rather the principle of transformation becomes another issue whereby the light is reflected and transformed. This happens in between the perception and environmental stimulus. The information of the tree is then contained in the retina after the light has been transformed and reflected after traveling throughout the atmosphere.

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