Interactive multimedia system


Interactive multimedia combines both storage and the retrieval capabilities of the computer database technology together with various advanced tools to enable viewing and the manipulation of these particular materials. Interactive multimedia systems comprise of a package of materials which constitutes of the combination of texts, still images, video, audio, and graphics. These particular materials are usually packaged, linked together, and integrated in such a way that enables users to browse and analyze these materials as well as navigating through them because they can conduct the different searching and indexing features. Also, the users are offered the capacity of personalizing of annotating these particular materials. The interactive multimedia is usually reader-centered. It enables the reader to control his/her experience of reading material through being in a position to select among a wide range of choices, picking on unique paths and the sequences via the materials. Therefore, the key feature of these systems is its ability to navigate via material in many ways which are a very useful trait to all its users.